Why Metpar?

  • One of the oldest continuous manufacturers since 1952.
  • Custom & cost-effective toilet partitions.
  • Durable products that stand the test of time.
  • Obsessed with design excellence, quality, and customer service.
  • Millions installed in hundreds of thousands of commercial sites.

Strategic Locations

Most Quick-Ship Locations

Metpar has the most quick-ship locations of any manufacturer within the industry, all strategically located across the country. Our focus is on mastering logistics by delivering quickly, on-time, and undamaged for the best customer experience to our distributors.

Quicker Transit Times

Our various shipping locations across the country allows for quick transit time to any job site. In an ever changing industry with increasing customer demands & rushed jobs, we make sure that we deliver quickly & on time.

Lower Freight Costs

Our various shipping locations allow for shorter delivery distances, resulting in lower freight costs to our distributors. This makes our distributors more competitive in the marketplace and increases their bottom line.

Decreased Freight Damage

Our various shipping locations allow for shorter delivery distances, less time in transit, and less handling by 3rd party carriers, all resulting in decreased freight damage. Keeping our distributors on schedule & unencumbered on the job-site is key to our success.